Salt on the Wind

Character Creation
The Call to Adventure

Our heroes are adventurers from the continent of Argol. A land of many cultures and kingdoms, Argol has proven to be a stable base of operations for their adventures. Sadly, that time has passed. The lands are too secure, too familiar, too… safe. The danger and excitement is gone, the risk and the reward are gone. You’ve all agreed on the best way to find more adventure; by taking to the seas.
You’ve made your way to Vesport, seeking a ship bound for adventure.

Level 8
25 Point Buy
33,000 Gold
Two Traits
Hit Dice: Half Max on Even, Half+1 on Odd
Medium Progression
3rd Party Content is allowed.

You can substitute the set racial attribute bonuses from a CORE race, but you must follow the similar template of +2 to a physical attribute, +2 to a mental attribute, and -2 to either a physical or mental attribute.
I.E. Dwarves are +2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 CHA. This could be replaced with +2 STR, +2 INT, -2 DEX.


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